Junior Program

Term Dates

Term 1 2021

Starts on Monday 1st February

    Term 2 2021

    Starts on Tuesday 28th April

      BLUE 3-4 years

      Hotshots BLUE is perfect for young children new to tennis. The play-based program involves a parent/care giver in the sessions which focus on skill development through a fun and engaging program of games, drills and team activities. Coaching inclusion 30 minute classes; 9 week coaching term Excellent for gross motor skills and hand eye co-ordination Prepares children for future sporting pursuits Increases children’s confidence and improves social skills Progression is into Hotshots RED.

      RED 5-7 yrs

      By learning the basic skills on the red 1/4 court, children will master new skills and learn how to move around
      the court. The small racquets allow consistent contact with the Red ball assisting the development of proper technique.

      Children will learn to:
      Learn to hit sound technique on all strokes
      Rally with a partner
      Anticipate their opponent’s shots
      Perform a volley and overhead with some control
      Cooperate with, and help others in a team situation

      ORANGE 7-10 years

      In Hotshots ORANGE children learn on a 3/4 court. During this stage the pupils are able to develop a complete technical repertoire. The length of the court forces the attacking player to be accurate and use spin. It allows players to approach the net and develop their net game. Modified Orange Balls fly slower through the air and bounce in the hitting zone of the child. This fast tracks their stroke development and allows them to have longer rallies and hit more tennis balls.
      Focus in on preparing the children to be capable of playing Hotshots Orange pennants. 

      Children will learn to:
      Perform a rhythmic service motion
      Rally with a partner on half a doubles court using forehands and backhands
      Hit the ball with purpose, changing the speed, height, spin and direction to move an opponent in a rally situation
      Identify strengths and weaknesses in their own and their opponent’s game
      Perform a volley and overhead
      Understand fair play and demonstrate this when playing

      GREEN 8-12 yrs

      Even advance players face a difficult time on the larger court. Here there is more emphasis on moving forwards and using the net,footwork, more variety on the serve, court positioning and general development of players all court games.

      Children will learn to:
      Perform shoulder turn, circular swing on ground strokes and consistency in contact

      Serve into the service box from the baseline
      Rally with a partner on a full court
      Readily adapt their strokes and court positioning in response to their opponent’s actions
      Utilise their strengths and exploit their opponent’s weaknesses
      Apply tactics in all game Focus is on preparing the children to be capable of playing Hotshots Green Pennants.

      TEEN TENNIS 13+ Years

      These sessions are the perfect answer to improve players tennis skills in a social type environment. All players are grouped in classes to the same ability, therefore won’t be playing players who are too experienced. Emphasis is on enjoyment, exercise and encouragement to play tennis both socially and competitively.

      Children will learn to:

      • Play the game of tennis both socially and competitively
      • Encourage one another and enjoy playing in teams
      • Learn all the strokes in tennis and be able to execute them well


      These squads are designed for players who are playing some form of competition or are looking to in the near future. Some of the things we concentrate on include: Technique, tactical awareness, fitness/footwork, video analysis of strokes, match play, tournament guidance/planning and much more. Please advise on your enrolment if your child has any previous tennis skills and contact us with relevant information to help assess if they would meet the criteria. See below for the days, times and prices, all are based on 9 weeks.


      Term by term packages of 9 lessons are available on request. We offer 30 mins or 1 hour sessions. Benefits and reasons to choose these types of sessions:

      • Improve quicker
      • Prefer not being in a group or looking for more of a challenge
      • Require assistance with specific skills /strokes
      • Looking to take things more seriously
      • New to tennis and looking to gain some confidence before entering a group
      • We can be more flexible with days/times

      All Lessons include video analysis and regular feedback to parents.
      Call us on 0433 340 646 or email info@poptennis.com.au for all bookings.


      Does my child need to bring anything?

      It’s recommended that your child come to their first lesson in comfortable sports clothes, runners, and a hat and with a bottle of water. If you’re unsure of what equipment to bring, your coach should be able to assist by lending a racquet for their first lesson.

      How can I enrol and pay my fees?

      To enrol, simply click on the Enrolment button and fill out the information required. We will send you back a confirmation email and let you know if we have any availability.

      To secure your booking, payments need by made prior to the commencement of the lessons.

      How do I pay my invoice?

      Online Transfer
      Account Name: Pop Tennis
      Bsb: 302162
      Acc: 1580847
      (use child’s surname as a ref)
      or texting details to Glen on 0433 340 646 or email: info@poptennis.com.au
      Or paying a staff member at the club.